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Pop Goes the Bubble

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Developmental Benefits

  • Self-Expression & Confidence
  • Sensory
  • Curiosity & Discovery

Just when your baby thinks he's got the world figured out, play a game that will confound him all over again! But don't worry—your baby will have fun, since he will quickly realize what's happening!


  • Place your baby in the center of a large room where he is free to move about.
  • Begin blowing bubbles near your baby. (If you like, create your own bubble blower out of a pipe cleaner: twist the top of a cleaner into a small circle, leaving a little of the cleaner straight to hold when dipping into a soapy solution.)
  • Demonstrate how to chase and pop the bubbles, then encourage your baby to follow your example.
Note: Some babies get very excited during this game and try to pop the bubbles before you've had a chance to blow them. This is a good time to teach your baby patience by waiting a few seconds before you release the bubbles.


  • Bottle of bubble solution
  • Large area for playing


Watch your baby so he doesn't drink the bubble solution.